As soon as the School-bus drew up outside the castle, Jamie felt sure that he’d been there before.

He frowned, trying to remember. He was certain that once you got inside the old gate-house there was a wide passage with a curved roof and then fourteen stone steps leading up to the door that no-one was supposed to open.

So while the others ran excitedly across the draw-bridge shouting to one another Jamie hung back, staring up at the high stone walls and the two half-ruined towers.

“Don’t drag behind, Jamie,” shouted Mr Twemlow, bringing him back to earth with a bump.

“Judy!” he called in a loud whisper, and Judy stopped and looked back.


“Lend us your torch.”


“I’ll give you my Mars Bar.”

“A whole one?”

Jamie nodded.

“Hurry up, Judith,” shouted Mr Twemlow, a long way ahead by now. “There you are.” Judy thrust the torch into Jamie’s hand, took the Mars Bar and ran after the others.